Man Pulls Gun at McDonald’s

It seems like two angry McDonald’s customers are currently on the loose and seemingly very dangerous. An apparently calm situation got out of control on Wednesday when two people in a car visited a McDonald’s drive-thru in Ohio. When they were told that the fast food didn’t have any egg McMuffins available, the man in the driver’s seat pulled a gun on the worker.

According to the worker, a female, the driver began calling her vulgar names after she told them the restaurant didn’t have egg McMuffins. He pulled out the weapon and then continued to curse at her while finally driving away from the drive-thru. Fortunately, nobody got hurt during the bizarre incident. According to the police reports, the reason for the men’s behavior was the absence of egg McMuffins from that McDonald’s restaurant at the time of their visit.

McMuffins make people go mad

According to the employee, she didn’t know the two men and she had never seen them before. Also, she stated that nobody harassed them or told them anything vulgar to make them react that way. They simply went mad when she told them there weren’t any McMuffins available.

The local authorities and investigators are now trying to identify the two men in the car. They are planning to analyze the surveillance footage from that day. Currently, the two are free and, according to the employee, they both seemed to be around 20-years old.

The bizarre incident reportedly took place early in the morning. It was about 3:30 a.m. in the town of Warren. This is located about 60 miles southeast of Cleveland. The employee also said that the driver who pulled the gun on her was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. Also, a black skull cap. She couldn’t see what the other passenger was wearing. At the moment, the authorities are trying to catch the two suspects.

Image source: wikimedia

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