McDonald’s Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Last week, ten female McDonald’s employees sued the company for ignoring sexual harassment complaints. According to the plaintiffs, in some instances, McDonald’s went as far as firing the complainer instead of addressing the matter.

A company spokesperson declared that McDonald’s would conduct a thorough internal investigation.

Sexual Harassment Cases Go Back At Least a Couple of Years

McDonald’s sales could go down as a result of the sexual harassment lawsuit. The plaintiffs, ten women who worked or use to work at McDonald’s, declared that the company is turning a blind eye when it comes to sexual harassment.

According to the document, one of the victims, who was working until recently at the restaurant’s Chicago branch, was fired soon after she reported that one of her colleagues made sexually explicit comments.

A second victim mentioned in the document was forced to give up her Sunday shift after a male co-worker asked her for sex.

The document also noted that the victim was 15 at that time and that she was marginalized by superiors and colleague after complaining to the human resource manager.

Another woman claimed she was systematically humiliated on account of her skin color.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declared that these sexual harassment cases have been going on and off for the past two years.

More than that, it would appear most of them occurred in Louisiana, Michigan, and Florida.


A McDonald’s spokesperson declared that the company would conduct its own investigation. Meanwhile, various advocacy group including Fight for $15 have announced their support.

The plaintiffs will also be backed by lawyers from Out ten & Golden LLP and Altshuler Berzon. Moreover, the expenses will be paid from Time’s UP Legal Defense Fund.

A Fight for $15 spokesperson declared that the group even set up a hotline for McDonald’s employees. All callers will have the chance of having their complaints reviewed by an attorney.

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