McDonald’s Stocks Fluctuate After Food Server Was Diagnosed with Hepatitis A

Following a recently minor Hepatitis A outbreak, McDonald’s stocks began to fluctuate. Although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention declared the risk of contamination among restaurant’s patrons is negligible, a full health investigation has been ordered after the incident which occurred on Thursday.

Stock Analysts Worried about Hepatitis A Impact

According to local authorities, on Thursday, the CDC was called to a Berea, Kentucky restaurant after a patron declared that one of the food servers was feeling sick. Subsequent blood test revealed that the food server had hepatitis A, an infectious disease, transmitted through oral or feces contact.

Based on the official estimation, before being taken to the hospital, the food server might have helped up to 10 people with their orders. Although many feared a small epidemic, the CDC stated that the risk of infection is negligible.

However, should the people who served food at the Berea McDonald’s on the 23rd of March accuse symptom such as joint pains, fever, jaundice or fatigue, they should see a doctor as soon as possible.

McDonald’s Stock News

In the latest McDonalds stock news, stock analyst fears that the freak incident might have long-reaching consequences for the franchise which received a 100% health report at the beginning of February.

Following the incident, the New York Stock Exchange reported that McDonald’s stocks closed the day at $1,72 per share compared to the beginning of the week, when restaurant’s stocks were up by almost one percent.

McDonalds Stock Analysis

In a McDonald’s stock analysis, the Hepatitis A occurrence causes a 0.62 percent drop in shares. However, the bad news doesn’t end here, as analysts fear that this may be the beginning of a decline that will affect the restaurant.

A McDonald’s spokesperson declared during a recently-held press conference that the restaurant is doing everything in its power to put the customers at ease and offering its full cooperation to the CDC and other state agencies.

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