Medical Workers Criticized after Woman Dies on American Airlines Flight

On Tuesday, emergency personnel in Minnesota received harsh criticism for the way they supposedly handled an unresponsive woman. They found her in a bathroom on board an American Airlines flight from Dallas to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Relatives identified her as Theresa Hines after the incident which took place on Monday. The personnel reportedly removed her from the back of the airplane in order to get her closer to medical aid. According to airport spokesman Pat Hogan, the workers used a portable stretcher in order to bring her down the aisle, while the other 146 passengers were watching.

Under fire for the way they proceeded

According to reports, the woman was only partially dressed when the workers removed her from the plane. Hogan and American Airlines officials said that Hines was only wearing a shirt and underwear. One passenger who witnessed the entire incident said that it was not right for the personnel to transport her like that. He stated that his seat was close to the bathroom they found her in. The passenger could see the workers dragging her down the aisle without even covering her with a blanket.

It’s interesting that may of the passengers’ opinions are contradictory. For example, another man said that the woman was not at all “half naked” as everybody was saying. Also, this same passenger added that the workers did their job well and quickly, in the hope of saving the poor woman’s life. Hogan also said that from his point of view, the workers handled the situation perfectly and that they did nothing wrong at all.

No chance for the woman

After about an hour, time during which the medical personnel attempted to revive the woman, she sadly passed away. They couldn’t do anything more for her in the boarding bridge which connects the plane to the terminal. They soon pronounced Theresa Hines dead. According to Hogan, all the passengers from the flight remained inside the plane during the entire procedure. Also, they personnel reportedly put up a tarp in order to cover the woman’s body as the passengers were leaving the plane. Theresa’s Facebook page is saying that she worked as a customer support supervisor. Also, that she lived in Carrollton, Texas.

Image source: wikimedia

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