Michael Bloomberg Says Brexit was the Stupidest Thing, Before Trump

It seems like there are still people, and influential ones, who cannot get used to the idea that Brexit happened. Or that Donald Trump is president. Two weeks ago, during a panel event in Boston, media mogul Michael Bloomberg said that before, everyone thought that United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union was the stupidest thing ever. Now, that decision occupies the second place behind the fact that Donald Trump is now the president of the United States.

Bloomberg started by explaining that his former wife was British, and that his daughters all have British passports. The United Kingdom is a beautiful country that was doing so well before it decided that it was time to leave the EU. And Brexit happened. The mogul thinks that the country took a wrong decision here. Also, that things are not going to get better, on the contrary. He also said that the country should pay some kind of penalty because otherwise, any other country would drop too.

At first it was Brexit, then it was Trump

On Tuesday, Bloomberg was in London to inaugurate some new offices that reportedly cost $1.3 billion. However, he stated that this decision regarding this huge investment might have been different. Especially if he had anticipated that Brexit vote.

During the panel even in Boston, he admitted that he probably wouldn’t have opened two new European headquarters in London had he knew Britain was going to drop out of the EU. Still, he continued the project and Bloomberg admitted that things will be good anyway.

The 75-year old mogul also admitted that many of his employees in both the UK and the US have asked to leave the locations. According to them, in the light of the recent events, those countries are not so open-minded about immigrants. On Monday, at a different event in France, he talked again about this subject.

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