Microsoft Will Cut Roughly 700 Jobs These Days

Microsoft will most likely cut approximately 700 jobs next week. This is no surprise as the company hasn’t been doing great lately. The tech giant said last year that it would ax roughly 2,850 jobs in 2017.

It looks like the layoffs will cover several other Microsoft divisions, besides mobile. It is already known that the mobile division took the biggest hit due to the Nokia’s Devices and Services. However, although the latest round of layoffs focused on the mobile division, it is not clear yet which other departments will be affected.

More precisely, in 2014, the company cut over 18,000 jobs to reduce the costs because the Nokia’s smartphone business was quite expensive. As such, this year’s round of layoffs is far from being as critical as the one in 2014.

Microsoft hasn’t made the official announcement, but everyone knows that the company is planning to cut 2,850 jobs by the end of this year. Plus, there are already rumors among the employees, and many of them are wondering who is going to be next.

Microsoft’s workforce consists of 113,000 employees around the world, out of which 64,000 are working for the United States division. Even if the company is planning another massive round of layoffs, it also intends to employ many qualified professionals in several other areas.

According to the Microsoft Careers web page, there are various available positions for developers, engineers, and managers. This means that the company’s workforce won’t be shorter, despite the discouraging number of job cuts.

Furthermore, Microsoft has listed over 1,600 job openings on LinkedIn. However, the current relationship between the company and its employees is not the best, considering the fact that many of them are concerned that they will be fired soon.

The upcoming round of layoffs will cover many Microsoft international business units and offices, such as finance, engineering, human resources, marketing, and sales just to name a few. Also, some experts say that the company aims to raise the stakes and build a workforce made up of the best employees.

Plus, if one thing is certain is that Microsoft will do whatever it takes to avoid another obstacle like the one in 2014, which had detrimental effects on the company’s capital because Windows Phone turned out to be quite a fiasco.

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