Microsoft Threatened with Class Action Lawsuit for Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Microsoft Corporation has recently come under fire after plaintiffs threatened the company with a class action lawsuit following complaints filed between 2010 and 2016 by 238 female employees. According to court documents, a class action lawsuit against the US-based tech giant is warranted given that the company white-washes hundreds of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment complaints.

Microsoft Accused of Taking Insufficient Action in Discrimination Cases

The class-action lawsuit was filed by the plaintiffs back in 2014, and it involved around 200 active female employees. Microsoft, which of last year, has 74,000, is accused of withholding promotions and giving little to no attention to cases of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment.

Out of the 238 complaints filed since 2010, only one case was deemed acceptable by the company’s board. Based on the available evidence, the plaintiffs believe that a class-action lawsuit is warranted and asked the judge to move forward with the ruling.

Microsoft Class-Action Lawsuit Trial Date Not Scheduled Yet

At the moment, the two sides have agreed to meet, and exchange document but a date for the trial has yet to be scheduled. James Robart, the U.S. District Judge who will preside over the ruling, hasn’t decided to move forward or dismiss the Microsoft class-action lawsuit on account of the company’s attorneys claiming that there’s not enough evidence to suggest that the alleged policies impacted sufficient individuals.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s appointed attorneys declared that the company spends around $55 million per year in order promote diversion. However, the plaintiffs declared that Microsoft has a history of white-washing these types of complaints with measures which can go as far as civil litigations.

Robart also declared that the company’s decision of keeping the complaints private as it might discourage employees from stepping forward could prove to be harmful to the company in the long run. The date for the next court appearance has yet to be established but it would appear that not even the perspective of an upcoming lawsuit has managed to scare off potential investors.

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