UK’s Monarch Airlines Goes into Administration

United Kingdom’s fifth biggest airline has left many of its customers without a means of transportation in or out of various foreign countries. According to reports, about 110,000 passengers left stranded will arrive back home in a repatriation which the Civil Aviation Authority organized. Over the next few nights, about 30 airplanes will transport those people back home.

Monarch Airline has collapsed into administration. This also means that about 300,000 future bookings have been cancelled by the company. Monarch has advised them all to stay calm and check the official website for further information. As for the staff, they are living some very stressful days as nobody knows if they will have a job tomorrow. The fact that the airline company has been struggling with costs and the competitive market for years is no secret to anyone. Still, the company employs about 2,100 people in bout the tour group and airline.

Monarch Airlines in trouble

According to the Monday announcement, the company’s engineering business staff is in no trouble following this collapse. They will continue to work normally. Blair Nimmo, the joint administrator, has revealed that the company has taken this decision after huge losses over the years. The chief executive of the company, Andrew Swaffield, has said that a large part of the reason why this drop in profits has happened is because of terrorism. People are afraid to travel to certain parts of the world. He offered the examples of Turkey, Shark-El-Sheik, and Tunisia.

He added that the entire company is very sorry for the inconvenience. Also, for the fact that many people are now left stranded in foreign countries. However, he admitted that the situation is not easy. Moreover, the company expects a difficult time moving ahead.

People left stranded, others without a holiday

It’s worth noting that Monarch Airlines, with headquarters at Luton Airport, is the most important British airline to collapse into administration. According to the Government, people should stay calm and expect delays. It will take time to bring everyone abroad back home. The transport secretary has also said that this situation in without precedent. Therefore, the airline acted in an unprecedented way. However, everyone will join forces to bring those people back home safely.

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