Netflix Fires Jonathan Friedland for Using the N-Word During Meetings

After an unpleasant incident with racial implications, Netflix made the harsh decision to fire Jonathan Friedland, the company’s communications director. While Friedland was a professional in his field of expertise, he exhibited an unacceptable behavior when he used the N-word twice during meetings. The company officials said this didn’t agree with their values, so they had to fire the director.

Jonathan Friedland was fired from Netflix

Jonathan Friedland was an executive at Disney but, in 2011, he joined Netflix. He was a great communications director with many achievements, but his superiors couldn’t tolerate his politically incorrect attitude towards African American people.

On multiple occasions during meetings, he used the N-word, showing this wasn’t only a mistake. Therefore, the company executives felt obliged to fire him, as they found his behavior unacceptable. In fact, Reed Hastings, the CEO, apologized to the other employees for not acting more rapidly on the matter.

Friedland brought valuable contributions to the company, and his superiors didn’t overlook this. However, his use of the N-word showed he lacked awareness in terms of racial issues, as well as extremely low sensitivity. Since the incident contradicted the company values, the Netflix executives had no other solution than fire him.

The man used the N-word twice within only a few days

The first incident involving Friedland and the N-word occurred during a meeting with the PR team. Interestingly enough, the subject of the meeting was sensitive words. The incident was unpleasant from the start, so the officials brought to Friedland’s attention how inappropriately he acted. As a result, he apologized immediately for his lack of sensitivity.

The Netflix officials would have expected the man not to repeat the incident again. However, soon after this first meeting, Friedland used the word again. This time, the situation was even worse, as he did it in the presence of the African American employees. In response to this, the officials had no other alternative than fire him.

Soon afterwards, Friedland released a statement where he expressed his huge regret about the incident. He called it a lapse that caused a lot of distress in the company and wanted to apologize to everyone affected by his insensitive words.

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