New Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer Has Social Media Roaring

The new Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite trailer is out, and Mega Man fans are flooding social media with requests for a Mega Man X9 game. Fortunately, they will be able to quench their Mega Man thirst this September when the cross-universe fighting game will be launched.

As Universes Collide, Players Will Have the Opportunity to Control Ultron

Mega Man X will be leading the good guys in the latest Marvel vs. Capcom installment. To the delight of Capcom fans, Infinite will also feature Mega Man’s arch nemesis, Sigma. The latter combines its evil powers and tyrannical view of the world with Ultron, Tony Stark’s greatest regret. Together, they seek to take over the world as we know it, the only thing standing in their way being a mixed team of heroes from both universes.

Some fans have taken the opportunity to militate for a new Mega Man game, using the images of the fan-favorite character to paint a metaphorical picture of how Capcom are treating the android. Others were more direct in their reactions, urging the company to release another independent Mega Man game.

For the past years, fans of the kind-hearted android have been given bread crumbs, with Mega Man appearing in the Project X Zone games. Now, seeing as he is one of the lead characters of the Infinite storyline, some gaming aficionados are more than please, hoping that the character’s story will be further explored in an additional video game.

Capcom’s decision to press pause on all things Mega Man has been troubling fans for years, especially since the android was once as popular as Sonic and Mario. Mega Man 8 was released in 1996. The next installment came 12 years later, in 2008. Then, Mega Man 10 came out in 2010, leaving fans wanting more. Unfortunately, the “more” never came.

Taking a look at the image presented below, it’s easy to understand why fans are convinced that Capcom has a bone to pick with the cute android, leaving him fade into oblivion while ignoring the demands of the fans.

Image Source: Flickr

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