Nextbit, The Smartphone Maker, Was Acquired By Razer

nextbit robin phone
Razer announced that it has acquired Nextbit, the “Cloud first” Robin manufacturer.

Razer, a U.S.-based gaming firm, announced that it has acquired Nextbit, the smartphone company that released the “Cloud first” Robin device.

Razer USA Ltd. operates as Razer Inc. It is a San Francisco, California-based company founded in 1998. The company specifically offers gaming devices and services. It creates and develops PC gaming products. These include tablet computers and laptops. And also several PC peripherals, accessories, and wearables.

Earlier this week, the company released a statement. It announced that it has acquired Nextbit. This is the company behind the Nextbit Robin.

This later is an Android-powered smartphone. It was launched in 2016 in India. Nextbit Robin became famous due to its “Cloud first” feature. This changes the phone’s storage options. Its target are the long-time unused files. Instead of being stored internally, they will be moved to a cloud storage.

Nextbit planned to manufacture the smartphone through crowdfunding. And its campaign had a better than expected result. The company set a funding goal coming up to $500,000. Initial estimates showed that this could be reached within a month of the phone’s release.

But the target was met just 12 hours after the launch of the Nextbit Robin. The full crowdfunding goal, set at $1 million, was met within two weeks of the release.

Nextbit was a startup company. Based in India, it was backed by the Google Ventures. Transaction details about the acquisition have yet to be offered. Still, according to media reports, the deal saw a decent equity portion.

More financial terms are expected for release. For the moment, Razer revealed some future plans for the startup. These were announced by Min-Liang Tan. He is the co-founder and CEO of Razer.

Tan stated that his company is planning on developing more products under the Nextbit brand. This latter will keep operating under its own name. Nextbit will also work as a stand-alone business.

Still, not all of its current products will be continued. Min-Liang announced that the Robin phone will be discontinued. Some technical details were offered. The company will stop producing new Robin smartphones. But existing devices will still be maintained. They should continue receiving support for the following 6 months or more.

Min-Liang explained as follows. According to him, Razer was targeting the Nextbit team. It was interested in the design and software talents. Reportedly, the company has been a big Nextbit fan.

Razer officials pointed out the startup team’s talent and potential. Their cloud-based storage development was greatly appreciated. As was their work in the phone technology area.

The Nextbit Robin smartphone was quite an interesting device. Its cloud-storage first feature came as quite a novelty. It allows the device to automatically switch between storage spaces. If the user starts running out of internal storage, the phone will switch to a cloud one.

The smartphone offered a 32GB internal storage. And the company a further 100GB cloud one. This latter was also offered for free. And the device was quite strong on its own. Running on Android 6.0.1, it had a 3GB RAM and various other features.

Tom Moss, the Nextbit CEO, offered a few other details. According to him, the “whole team” will be coming along. And the acquisition deal will favor the company. It should offer it more resources that it would have had otherwise. Nextbit’s staff will remain in their current base. At least for the time being, the two companies will not combine.

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