Nike Stumbles While Adidas Soars in North America

The fight between popular sportswear brands Nike and Adidas has been going on for decades. And while Nike is still the best-selling brand in the entire world, those recent quarters have seen it stumble badly when it comes to North American sales.  Actually, the sales for its products fell about 3% in the recent three months period. This marked the first ever time in over 10 quarters when Nike didn’t have gain. This happened in the area where the largest number of sales are usually registered. To profit from Nike’s troubles, rival company Adidas has announced an average sales gain of 26% in North America over the past six quarters.

A never-ending battle

Analysts are saying that if until now Adidas was doing best when it came to its retro footwear, now it has expanded into other successful areas like sports apparel. Another report is claiming that certain retro popular styles like Jordan or Roshe are not that popular. They won’t help Nike with its revenue problems.

Nike knows that its popularity is largely diminishing. This is why it’s now trying to take the more client-oriented approach. Especially in a time when physical stores have become less popular among buyers. During a Tuesday conference call, Trevor Edwards, Nike’s brand manager, said that the company wants to learn how to better react to incoming fashion trends.

Another proof of Nike’s problems was that back in August, Adidas surpassed the Air Jordan brand. It became the second best-selling sneaker brand in the United States. Nike is still the number one sneaker brand in the country. But it’s Adidas’ way of profiting from the people’s love for sports apparel that it’s making headlines.

A sports industry analyst has recently said that sportswear has become a fashion statement. The brands’ profit is decreasing. And it’s because brands are not able or not willing to create models to satisfy this need.

Nike’s in trouble

When it comes to “casual athletic” footwear, Nike is not even in the top 5. This is why in the first eight months of the year Adidas’ share of the United States market has reached 11.3%. This is almost double than what it was last year, only 6.6%. Meanwhile, Nike’s share decreased from 39% to only 37%.

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