Nokia Begins Its Journey With Baby Steps

Although many people are excited that Nokia is back in business, it looks like HMD doesn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and develop a high-end device. Instead, the company has decided that its first flagship phone should be a mid-range model.

Therefore, the Nokia 6 will soon hit the markets. It will have a price tag of $229, which makes it quite affordable for a wide range of customers. According to Arto Nummela, HMD CEO, Nokia aims to become one of the top players in the future, but there is no need for the company to rush.

This strategy shows that the HMD officials are cautious as they are aware that the smartphone market is brutally competitive. As such, the first Nokia line-up aims to be both affordable and high-quality. This way, the new devices will become widely popular among as many customers as possible. This strategy is much more efficient than developing a high-end smartphone which would impress just some users.

According to Ben Wood, a CCS Insight analyst, most people will buy a Nokia phone thanks to its price, quality, and name. Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer of HMD, says that these devices represent just the first step in a long journey.

Also, the company’s plan was to start from a safe spot. In other words, we shouldn’t expect Nokia to challenge the upcoming Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 8. The company officials believe that the Nokia 6 will make quite an impression on the low- and mid-range market.

Nummela says that Nokia’s uniqueness has always been a major advantage. The analysts claim that HMD will also release some high-end smartphones soon. However, the company needs more time to develop these devices, says Ian Fogg, an IHS Markit analyst.

It is worth mentioning that the low range and the mid-range phone branch represents half of the global phone market. That is why HMD aims to cover this sector with the Nokia 3310 as well as the Nokia 6, 5, and 3.

Besides this, there will also come a time when HMD takes on Samsung and Apple. Sarvikas notes that HMD is the only company which invests so much in the mid-range sector. Although it might look like a risky move, many customers are looking forward to trying something new. Plus, the Nokia brand is a reminder of the ‘good times.’

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