Nordstrom Rack Issues Public Apology for Wrongly Accusing African-American Men of Stealing

Geevy Thomas, the president of Nordstrom Rack, issued a public apology after three African-American men were accused of stealing clothing from a St. Louis store. The local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People branched stepped in shortly after the incident was made public.

Nordstrom Rack to Follow in Starbucks’ Footstep

The Seattle-based retails company was severely criticized after a staff member called the St. Louis authorities because he thought that the three African-American men who entered the store wanted to steal.

According to a St. Louis Police Department spokesperson, the incident, which occurred on the 3rd of May at Nordstrom Rack’s Brentwood Square store, involved Eric Rogers II, Dirone Taylor, and Mekhi Lee. All three men entered the store to purchase clothes for their prom.

Based on the victims’ testimonies, shortly after stepping into the store, they felt being watched by the security guards.

During a recent interview, Lee, one of the three men involved in the incident, recalled feeling unease when he saw the security guards watching his every move, counting his steps.

The incident escalated when one of the store’s customers walked up to Lee and his friends and called them punks. More than that, according to Lee, the unknown individual berated them, asking if their parents were aware of what they’re doing.

A verbal fight ensued between the three African-American men and the customer. Several minutes later, a Nordstrom Rack employee stepped in and asked Lee and his friends to leave, but not before contacting the authorities.

The men were approached by law enforcement agents and searched for stolen items. After Lee told them what happened inside the store, the agents allowed them to return home and pressed no charges.

Nordstrom Rack seems to be the latest US-based giant forced to tackle with unconscious bias after Starbucks closed down 8000 stores to train its staff members.

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