Nordstrom Opening Store with No Clothes, but Refreshments

It seems like Nordstrom, the famous department store, is trying out new things and will start with a tiny store in Los Angeles. On Monday, the company made the official announcement that it’s going to open a new, 3.000 square foot location, which will not sell clothes, as one might have expected. Instead, the small store (which is much smaller than an average 140,000 square foot Nordstrom) will offer advices on style, thanks to personal stylists, as well as refreshments. Those might even include beer, among other things. According to the company, which currently has 121 department stores, this is the first move they made towards fulfilling the customers’ wishes and tastes.

Nordstrom trying something new

It seems like this new store is going to have its official opening on October 3rd, and it will be called the Nordstrom Local Store. According to a statement from the company’s senior vice president of customer experience, the retail industry is moving forward and transforming incredibly fast. However, one thing always remains unchanged, and that’s the consumers’ tastes and desire for quality services and speed. This move doesn’t come as a surprise. Nordstrom is not the only such big retail store facing problems with sales in physical locations. Department stores in particular have this issue and many are now shifting their focus towards smaller locations. With those, the companies might be able to reach a larger number of people.

Among those companies are Target, which is trying a similar thing but only on city centers. Also, Sears and Kohl’s, which are decreasing the size of some of their current stores. Another example of this is Amazon’s new bookstores. Those have a smaller selection of books than other bookstores. However, the idea behind this is that the customers don’t feel well when they’re overwhelmed in a physical store. So, what they don’t find in there they can still find online.

A new, common strategy

However, it’s worth noting that Nordstrom is not planning to close any of its normal stores. On the contrary, this week, it’s actually opening a new one in Toronto. Also, this small store is surely not going to change the business right now. However, it’s a nice indication that the company wants to try other things too. Also, that it’s trying to prepare for what is to come.

Image source: wikimedia

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