Ola, Uber’s Rival in India Calls Company “Despicable”

It seems like Ola, Uber’s biggest rival company in India, sent out an official statement in which it calls the ride-hailing company “despicable” and “low on morality”. Ola’s reaction emerged after a report from Recode. This revealed that Eric Alexander, Uber’s president of business in the Asia Pacific region, managed to obtain medical records belonging to an Uber passenger who was raped by a driver. This incident happened in New Delhi, India, back in December 2014. Uber has since fired Alexander. Moreover, according to sources, the company didn’t believe that the victim was telling the truth and saw everything as a plan from Ola to hurt their brand in India.

A quarrel between Uber and Ola

Ola’s official statement characterizes Uber’s behavior as shameful. The privacy and morals of a woman who has been a victim of rape should not be questioned. Also, the company should not try and trivialize such a horrible crime. Ola called Uber’s supposed attempt “despicable” and said that a serious company cannot use such an event as an opportunity to hurt competition. Moreover, the Indian company is saying that if the report had any truth in it, even the smallest amount, it only proves how low on morality this company is.

Meanwhile, Uber denied making any comments on Ola’s statement. The company’s India President Amit Jain said that Uber worked closely with some law enforcement officials and with the prosecution. The company supported the entire investigation and is also looking to see the perpetrator punished for his crime.

Uber’s string of problems

Moreover, Uber fired Eric Alexander right after Tuesday’s announcement. In that statement, the company said that it fired 20 employees after an internal investigation of 200 people. This happened after a large number of harassment claims surfaced. Alexander handled the New Delhi rape case which was also one of the claims which led to the investigation. Uber has been going through a lot of problems recently. Apart from these numerous harassment claims, many have accused the company of not promoting diversity at the workplace. However, its chief of diversity said this situation will change soon.

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