Take-Out Order Bungle Leads to Outback Steakhouse Employee Being Fired

Outback Steakhouse.
Outback Steakhouse employee fired for posting Facebook rant about not receiving a tip on large take-out order.

Following a take-out order bungle, an Outback Steakhouse employee has been fired, after the company determined that the waitress violated the diner’s social media non-disclosure policy. The employee in question posted a Facebook rant about receiving no tip on a $735 take-order. The incident ignited a new feud regarding the amount of tip a waiter/waitress should receive per order.

Outback Steakhouse Fires Employee after Facebook Rant

Tamlynn Yoder, a 25-year-old former Outback Steakhouse employee, told the press that her former employer decided to rescind her contract right after her Facebook outburst.  Yoder recalls coming to work on Wednesday morning and receiving a large take-out order.

According to the woman, the order’s beneficiary was the Christian Megachurch, and the bill was $735. Apparently, a church representative ordered 25 potato dishes, 25 chicken dinners, and 25 steak dinners from the restaurant.

As a server, Tamlynn’s livelihood is based on the tips she receives during her shift at the restaurant. The woman recalled spending her whole shift tending to the church’s order, managing to make less than $20 that day.

After loading the order in the delivery truck, the woman realized that the client paid the exact sum, without leaving a tip. Upset by this turn of events, Tamlynn posted a rant a Facebook and also disclosing the name of the client.

Following the incident, Outback Steakhouse terminated Tamlynn’s employment. However, the Christian Megachurch having learned of the server’s situation offered her an unspecified sum as a tip and helped her find a new job.


Tamlynn’s recent spar with its employer and the church again raises the thorny question of how much should we tip a waiter/waitress. During the ‘40s and later on, ten percent of the bill’s total was considered acceptable but taken into account taxes and inflation; it would appear that 20 percent is now the acceptable tip.

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