US Ally Uses $3 Million Patriot Missile to Shoot Down $300 Amazon Drone

launching of a Patriot missile

United States General David Perkins stated during a recent military conference that took place in Washington DC that a known US ally used a Patriot missile, a radar-controlled military warhead, to take down an Amazon drown that entered its air space. The name of the country was not revealed.

Perkins Used the Incident as a “How Not To” Example

Using a warhead that costs millions of dollars to take down a $300 drone is absurd. Unfortunately, the incident is not isolated, Perkins using this example to point out how much money the military spends each year due to overzealous combatants.

According to the US General, most of the technology used by ISIS in Iraq is made out of cheap, store-bought drones that the US military destroys using expensive equipment. Perkins even said that the enemy could profit from the entire situation by purchasing cheap quadcopters and sending them in the way of the Patriot missiles.

The US General even provided a solution to the expenditure problem. He believes that the solution doesn’t stand in radar-controlled warheads that cost millions, but cyber-warfare. The troops in Iraq need to learn how to hack the devices from a distance, taking them down without using giant, overly-expensive rockets.

There Are Cheaper Ways of Destroying Enemy Drones

For example, there is a company called Dedrone who specializes in drone detection. Based on the radio signals the quadcopters send, the Dedrone systems can pinpoint the location of the driver. Apart from its military use, the program can be extremely helpful in detecting home-made explosive devices flown to public events via inexpensive drones.

The Japanese authorities are using drones and nets to keep rogue quadcopters at bay. Other nations are experimenting with ways of disrupting the drone’s GPS connection, thus forcing it to land or crash. The Dutch authorities even created a specialized eagle division, the giant birds being trained to hunt unauthorized devices.

Last, but not least, some Americans are using good-old shotguns, shooting all drones that trespass on private property. No matter if it’s a modified radio signal, other drones equipped with fishing nets, eagles, or shotguns, there are plenty of ways that the American military and its allies could fight enemy drones, without spending $3 million on each menacing quadcopter.

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