People Are Already Talking about Samsung Galaxy S9

Everybody is now talking about the new Galaxy S8 smartphone from Samsung. Some have deemed it as being the best phone on the market right now. However, next year, the company will most certainly launch another device, and it will most probably be the Galaxy S9. It may seem like early talk, but rumor has it that the company has already begun working on the next device. So, naturally, experts and users have begun talking too.

Galaxy S9 rumor round up

At the moment, the next phone in the Galaxy series has the code-name Star, according to a Korean publication. Moreover, a bigger version, which is probably the Galaxy Plus 9 is code-named Star 2. According to reports, the company has started working on the new device a few months earlier than it did in the case of the Galaxy S8. This can mean that it will be released earlier, or that it will include new technology and features which require more time to manufacture. However, this is all speculation at the moment. Experts anticipate Samsung to release it in the first half of 2018.

As for the specifications, the upcoming phone should keep the tradition of being a very powerful phone. Rumor has it that the Galaxy S9 will use the very advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which hat the moment is called Snapdragon 845. Samsung has worked with Qualcomm before and the collaboration proved successful. So, they will probably continue it with the upcoming device too. Apart from this, nobody knows too much about the Snapdragon 845. Rumors were suggesting that it is going to be revealed during 2017’s final three months and that it will have three cores.

Not enough information

Apart from those rumors and speculations, nobody knows other new details about the upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone. Still, for now, people should enjoy the new Galaxy S8 device. It is still fresh on the shelves and experts have called it maybe the best phone to have right now. So, those passionate about devices and technology should go grab one now. After all, there is still one year ahead during which we will surely find out more about Samsung’s future plans. Especially when it comes to smartphones and smartphone-related technology.

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