People Paid A Company To Dig A Holiday Hole As A Protest

As many people spend billions every year on Black Friday, others prefer to make a “safe” investment into the Holiday Hole project.

Cards Against Humanity, the creators of a widely-known card game, persuaded thousands of Americans to make some weird donations. The company simply wanted to dig a hole, although it would not have any use.

Also, those who gave money to the company won’t receive anything in return, and Cards Against Humanity announced that it would keep digging only if there would be more donations. The company officials call it the Holiday Hole.

Until now, they have raised over $80,000, and the money will keep coming. Many people might wonder what is the point of such an unusual project on which the company spends a tremendous amount of money.

According to a company’s spokesperson, people are expected to think that the idea is funny. More precisely, although many of them might not understand the joke at first, they will remember after a while that they gave the company money to dig the Holiday Hole, and they would chuckle.

When asked about the location of the Holiday Hole, the company officials said that the answer was America and our hearts. In other words, this hole is supposed to have a symbolic meaning. There is also a live stream on YouTube where people can track the progress.

Card Against Humanity initially declared that the idea was to see how deep the excavator can dig. However, it looks like the pit is becoming larger not deeper, based on the latest reports. If the Holiday Hole doesn’t become deeper, the people who donated the money will be disappointed, thinking that they have been tricked.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time when the company raises money for an odd project. In 2015, Cards Against Humanity asked Americans to give them five dollars for no reason.

Furthermore, in 2014, the company sold boxes filled with bull poop for six dollars each, whereas a year before that, the price of its card game increased from twenty-five dollars to thirty dollars.

According to Max Temkin, the creator of the card game, he and his colleagues are not Black Friday fans. In fact, they hate it because it comes immediately after Thanksgiving, a celebration when people are supposed to be thankful for what they have.

Still, other people think that the Holiday Hole and other jokes are not so funny, but simply a waste of money.

Image Source:Pixabay

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