Former US Army Helicopter Pilot Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Alaska Airlines Captain

Alaska Airlines might be faced with public backlash after a 39-year-old female pilot filed a lawsuit against the company. The former US Army helicopter pilot accuses a captain of drugging and raping her while they were on a layover. Alaska Airlines refused to comment but declared that the woman’s claims are thoroughly investigated.

Pilot Says Captain Slipped Drugs in Her Wine While on Layover

On Wednesday, 39-year-old Betty Pina, an Alaska Airlines commercial pilot filed a lawsuit at the Washington State Superior Court. In her complaint, Pina declared that while on a layover with the flight’s captain, the man drugged and raped her in a hotel room.

The document also suggests that the company treated the woman’s grievances with hostility and a high dose of skepticism.

According to Pina’s claims, in 2017, after completing the Seattle-Minneapolis flight, she and the plane’s captain went to a Minneapolis hotel, often frequented by pilots and flight attendants on a layover.

Before turning in, Pina remembers being in the hotel concierge and sharing drinks with the captain.  The Alaska Airlines pilot told the magistrates that after the drank the second glass of wine, she began feeling dizzy and blacked out.

She later awoke in her hotel room, lying undressed on the bed and the figure of a man who told her to keep quiet. The pilot would black out a second time. Pina told the judges that both drinks had been brought to the table by the pilot who would have given him enough time to slip something in them without being noticed.


Alaska Airlines refused to comment on the allegations but declared that the company are well aware of Pina’s grievances and will conduct a thorough investigation in this matter. For the time being, the woman has been suspended from active duty for the duration of the inquiry.

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