Pizza Hut Parka Made from Delivery Pouch

It’s always interesting when companies think of new and innovative ways of attracting their customers. And it seems like it doesn’t even matter that the company is making pizza, and not clothes. This is the case of famous pizza chain Pizza Hut. Recently, they thought of an unusual way of promoting their tasty pizza by creating a parka. Usually, when the pizza guy arrives, your order is in an insulated bag, to keep it warm and fresh. This is what probably gave the idea for the material for this new jacket. If it works for pizza, why wouldn’t it for people too?

The new Pizza Hut parka (insulated bag)

Actually, this is nothing else but a new and modernized kind of insulated bag for pizza. Pizza Hut parka is recently introduced and what’s very interesting is that it reportedly has three different types of insulating materials. Among those is the famous Thinsulate, from 3M. Well, the way the company made it sound might seem like it’s one of the best inventions of all time. While it’s interesting, it’s certainly not in that category.

Apart from this Thinsulate material, which will indeed keep you warm, the other two are nothing special. Actually, the parka itself is nothing special as it looks to have been made by a bunch of kids for a school project. You know those nights when, instead of working on it, you and your team end up having pizza and sleeping immediately after? This is probably what inspired Pizza Hut to make this jacket.

The parka has some kind of small closing panel made out of Velcro which is placed on the arm. According to the company, this is a way to more easily place orders by putting your smartphone in there. As we’ve said, it’s all business here!

Pizza Hut pizza parka to keep you warm

What even more interesting that the Pizza Hut pizza parka has some extra material on it. Its purpose is to supposedly serve as a napkin. Moreover, the parka also has various pockets which are supposedly for cheese, pepperoni, and other ingredients. Its interior pocket even has the shape of a slice of pizza. What more can you want from a parka?

It’s not available to buy, but if you place an order through Pizza Hut’s app or online, you will enter the race to win one. If you want to enter without buying anything, just tweet the flame and pizza emojis to their official Twitter account.

Image source: wikimedia

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