First production Tesla Model 3 to Arrive on Friday

According to Tesla Motors billionaire CEO Elon Musk, the first production Tesla Model 3 vehicle is expected to arrive on Friday. This model is the company’s very ambitious attempt to bring electric cars to masses. According to what Musk has been tweeting, the first 30 customers of the Model 3 car will receive them on the 28th, at a handover party. After that, Musk is expecting production to keep on growing. Tesla wants to manufacture 100 cars in August, over 1,500 in September and then 20,000 each month, by December.

Elon Musk and his very big plans

Elon Musk announced everything in a series of tweets posted on Sunday night.

Everything is pointing towards Tesla wanting to seriously increase production for Model 3 in 2018. The company wants to approach a production of 500,000 units each year. It’s worth noting that the Model 3 already has about 40,000 pre-orders. The company’s very excited fanbase is currently searching for any piece of news or glimpse of the new model. Tesla first unveiled the Model 3 vehicle over a year ago. It all happened at an extravagant event at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Back then, Musk was as confident as ever that deliveries for the vehicle will begin by the end of 2017. Also, he stated that people will not be able t but a better car for the price of $35,000.

Last month, at a shareholders meeting, Musk said that the first Model 3 buyers will not have very many customizing possibilities. Just color and wheel type, for the moment. He also stated that this time, the initial concept for the Model 3 is very simple. The company tried to avoid making the same mistakes as with the X. Back then, they offered too much complexity from the beginning and it didn’t prove to be a smart move.

The Tesla Model 3

Tesla recently surpassed BMW’s market cap. However, the company’s future success will depend on Musk’s ability to introduce this car model to the masses. Especially considering that both current Tesla models, the Model S and Model X, are very expensive. The Model 3 will actually be the cheapest vehicle ever sold by the electric car company.

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