Pumpkin Spice Flavor Arriving Too Early for Consumers

As popular some think the pumpkin spice flavor is, the reality might be a cruel one. And this year, it seems like retailers are pushing this pumpkin craze a bit too far and are already introducing various products, even if it’s still summer. The fall season doesn’t officially begin until September 22. But this change didn’t happen overnight. Every year, they are pushing the date even earlier, in the hope of making more profit from those pumpkin-flavored foods. It’s a little bit like the mint-chocolate and gingerbread thing which happen around Christmas time. Only during fall, everything is orange.

People want their summer back

Many people have already noticed this trend and are not happy about it. It’s funny because maybe it’s something that has to do with their wish to have eternal summer. Others maybe simply don’t like the cold weather. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is certain. If this trend continues, we might soon be sipping on pumpkin-space drinks while watching the fireworks for the Fourth of July. Many of those people have been posting their concerns and protests all over the social media platforms. Some are saying that every season should have its own time period and they shouldn’t interfere with each other, as some retailers are trying to do. Others simply admitted that they don’t like this popular flavor that much anyway, so why push it down everybody’s throats?

It’s worth noting, if some people haven’t already noticed, that the pumpkin flavor has begun to be present in things like pet food or butter. In some people’s opinion, this is a bit excessive and unnecessary. Experts in brand strategy are explaining that those people who are making the limited-edition flavors are betting on the people’s desire to buy as much as they can. Why? Well, because it’s limited! And as long as something won’t be there forever, it will always attract a slew of customers.

The pumpkin spice madness

For example, pumpkin spice cereals have begun popping up on the shelves of many stores since the middle of August. Other things like candies, donuts and cookies followed the trend. Many stores’ websites have already highlighted the pumpkin space flavored products. And the king of this trend, Starbucks’ famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, is expected to also arrive earlier this year. Some say that on September 1st, which is today.

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