Qualcomm Trying to Ban iPhones from the U.S.

According to some recent reports, Qualcomm is currently trying to ban Apple’s iPhones from being sold in the United States. The company is asking for help from the government. This is only the most recent part of this international legal battle that Qualcomm is having with Apple. Moreover, the company reportedly wants the sales of any iPhones already in the country completely stopped. According to what Qualcomm is claiming, the tech giant is violating about six different patents regarding an extended battery life of a phone. Also, those patents are not crucial for a standard, which is why their license is not mandatory. The companies are also fighting over other two patents, but those require a license.

A huge legal battle

Qualcomm reportedly filed the complaint with both the United States International Trade Commission and the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. According to what Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s general counsel says, people should know that the products belonging to the company are inside every iPhone that exists. It has a wide range of products which are not only in the cellular and modem areas of the technology. The main problem, Rosenberg says, is that Apple keeps on using and profiting from the Qualcomm products and still doesn’t pay for them. There is actually an infographic which the company created in order to detail the use of each of those patents.

The legal quarrel between the two huge tech companies began earlier this year. However, this recent filing is only the latest step Qualcomm has taken in an attempt to win this battle. Qualcomm has been having problems of its own. The Federal Trade Commission sued the company claiming that they were doing some very anti-competitive things, especially regarding the way they were selling modems for smartphones. After that, Apple did the same, and was claiming a similar issue.

Problems after problems

On the other hand, Apple is saying that Qualcomm charges enormously high prices for those patents, therefore committing an abuse when it comes to its position. The company is the most important player when it comes to smartphone modems. At the moment, none of Apple’s representatives has commented on this situation regarding this international legal battle.

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