Russian Cargo Plane Loses 3.4 Tons of Gold After Take Off

The Russian authorities confirmed that a Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo place lost approximately 3.4 tons of gold bars minute after taking off. Hours later, the plane’s flight crew managed to retrieve the large quantity of gold after the plane made an emergency landing at the Magan Airport.

Russian Cargo Plane Had a Payload of 9 Tons of Dore Gold

A Yakutsk Airport spokesperson declared that the incident related to the lost gold cargo occurred on Thursday. The AN-12 transport plane was scheduled to pick up the 9-ton gold cargo from the Yakutsk Airport and deliver it to the Kupol Gold Mine in Krasnoyarsk.

However, upon take off, the back hatch blew open and a large number of gold bars, which the flight crew failed to secure, dispersed in the surrounding area.

The plane’s pilot noted the mechanical error and made an emergency landing at the nearby Magan Airport. Following the plane’s landing, salvage crews were dispatched to retrieve the missing gold bars.

According to the Russian authorities, after the plane’s back hatch exploded, 3.4 tons of more gold has been dropped out of the AN-12 cargo plane, a total of 172 gold bars. The Russian cargo plane had a crew of five people, none of which were injured in the incident.

The Russian cargo plane continued its flight after the gold was safely loaded on board and secured.

Several hours later, the salvage crew managed to retrieve the missing gold bars and to place them inside the cargo plane. According to a police spokesperson, although the plane belongs to the Nimbus Airlines, the precious metals cargo belongs to the Chukotka Mining and Geological Company, based in Anadyr.

The company, who is owned by Canadian-based company Kinross Gold Corporation, declared that an investigation would follow in order to determine if this was a mechanical failure or if human error was involved.

Image source: Pexels 

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