Samsung Expected To Release Foldable Smartphones

According to the latest reports from Samsung, it looks like the company might release the rumored foldable smartphone this year. The company’s specialists are trying to create a phone that will have a curved display.

Moreover, the owners will be able to fold the device into an exquisite tablet. The model will most likely have a 7-inch display. The new Samsung foldable phone will be released in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Based on the estimates, the company will ship roughly 100,000 units immediately after the release. Although there are many reputable companies who are trying to dominate the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple have the largest customer-based communities in the world.

The Korean company initially tried to produce a fold-in device. However, the officials abandoned the project because it might have been an inconvenience for the owners to unfold their phones whenever they wanted to use them.

The Samsung spokespersons didn’t add further details to this story. According to the statistics, the smartphone market hasn’t increased too much in recent years because there is a wide variety of devices on the market.

Also, the companies offer a broad array of incentives to loyal customers. As such, it is difficult to stand out nowadays. With this new project, the Korean company intends to bring something new to the smartphone market.

The officials hope that innovative designs will attract more customers than ever. For instance, the Galaxy S7 Edge has been quite successful thanks to its screen. There will be many advantages in having a foldable device as the package won’t be just portable, but also smaller.

However, creating such a phone will be quite a challenge for Samsung. After the official announcement, the customers are waiting for the first leaks of the new foldable phone. The company hasn’t said anything yet about the price tag of this device or its specifications.

Besides this new project, Samsung has other great news. The company has finally introduced the Android Nougat 7.0 operating system to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones this week. The update was announced in August last year.

Owners of these two models should check their settings for a new update. In case it is not there already, it means that it will take a couple of days more.

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