It Seems Like The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Can Explode Too

Samsung keeps having trouble with overheating or exploding batteries, even after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The company issued the first recall in September when customers started reporting that their devices suddenly exploded.

Although Samsung offered a replacement, more such incidents occurred. More precisely, the substitutes caught fire too. Worse, some users were injured because the smartphones were either in their pockets or in their hands.

Then, the company issued a full recall of all Note 7 units to dispose them. Also, the customers were allowed to choose between Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as replacements. Needless to say that most of them went for the S7 Edge because it has a larger display and better features.

Nevertheless, it looks like the battery issue was not limited to the Note 7 model. A Reddit use has recently posted some photos with his damaged S6 Edge+. The smartphone looked as if someone tried to heat it in the microwaves, but it turns out that the device overheating and exploded just like the Note 7 units.

The S6 Edge+ was Samsung’s flagship phone in 2015. Besides several upgraded features, the most significant one was that this model has an embedded battery compared to the Galaxy S5 devices.

Smartphones batteries are filled with lithium, a metal which can be dangerous if it’s mixed with air. This lithium is covered by a special membrane, but if this membrane is damaged, the battery can overheat and explode in the worst-case scenario.

The specialists call this process the “runaway thermal.” They strongly recommend people to refrain themselves from puncturing the smartphone batteries, although they are worn out. This is the first incident involving the exploding battery of a Galaxy S6 Edge+.

The smartphone was connected to the charger when it caught fire. It is not known yet whether this problem might be spread to other devices. The company will conduct a comprehensive investigation to establish if there is a problem with the rechargeable batteries in the S6 Edge+.

All things considered, even if Samsung and Apple have been criticised over the past few months, the rival two companies have the largest customer-based communities. As such, they are expected to dominate the smartphone market next year as well.

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