San Francisco Bans the Sale of Flavored Vaping Pens and Menthol Cigarettes

The inhabitants of San Francisco will have to stop smoking menthol cigarettes or flavored vaping pens, as people have just voted on a ban on these products. The fight had been a tough one but, in the end, the tobacco-free supporters won 68 percent of the votes. This happened on Tuesday, and the ban should be reinforced in the near future.

The citizens of San Francisco voted against flavored tobacco

There have been many people who militated against flavored vaping pens. In fact, there was a real monetized fight on the matter, with powerful supporters for both sides. R.J. Reynolds, the tobacco company, spent $12 million to support the sale of flavored tobacco products. On the other side, there was the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, who spent about $3 million to issue this ban.

Even if tobacco companies had a lot more resources, voters weren’t too impressed by their measures. Anti-vaping supporters say people don’t trust big tobacco companies, while the opposers of the bill have strong opinions as well. They say people should still buy flavored vaping pens, as they are great methods to help them quit smoking.

There has been an intense fight for and against the ban

This move to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products isn’t a new one. Last year, the supervisors of the city approved an ordinance that should have issued this ban. The ban concerned anything that contained both tobacco and flavor, including flavored cigars, menthol cigarettes, or flavored vaping pens or vaping liquid.

This could have been the first ordinance of the kind in the country. However, tobacco supporters managed to make a quick move and win some time. They gathered enough signatures to halt the ordinance and have the people vote on the matter. The voting occurred this Tuesday, and people expressed their will to have these products banned.

The advertising for flavored vaping pens and other types of tobacco is quite invasive. People regard it as bad since it seems targeted directly at teenagers. Health advocates say youngsters are more likely to start smoking real cigarettes if they start with flavored vaping pens.

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