Scorpion on United Flight for Second Time in a Month

On Thursday, another United Airlines was evacuated after a customer claimed to have seen a living scorpion coming out of another passenger’s sleeve. After this unusual incident, the passengers were moved to another aircraft. The flight took off from George Bush Airport in Houston and arrived in Quito, Ecuador. The company said that paramedics examined the said customer and fortunately, the scorpion had not stung him. According to United’s statement, the staff provided the passengers with a meal voucher as an apology for the flight’s delay. Also, the flight landed safely in Ecuador.

A scorpion on board

According to a scared passenger from the flight, a scorpion emerged from another customer’s clothes while he was sleeping in the back of the plane. Nobody knows at the moment whether or not the crew managed to see or catch the scorpion. Not even if its existence was indeed real or if the customer though he saw it. It is worth noting that the incident from Thursday is actually the second one involving a scorpion, this month.

On April 12, another scorpion reportedly stung another passenger on a United Airlines fight. According to the company, the crew immediately offered help to the person. A doctor reportedly talked with the passengers as assured them that it was nothing serious. Another medical personnel reportedly waited for the passengers when the aircraft arrived in Calgary. Coincidentally, that same day, the crew of another United plane removed a man from an overbooked flight. Another passenger filmed the entire incident and posted the video footage online. The flight was heading to was heading to Louisville, Ky.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

It is worth noting that United Airlines does not seem to get away from problems lately. It all began when the crew did not allow two young girls to go inside a plane because they were wearing leggings. Another incident involved a man who the crew dragged off a flight in order to empty a seat for a United crew member. The footage of that incident also appeared on social media platforms and cause a wave of controversy. Some were also saying that the man behaved inappropriately and wanted to attack the crew. He hurt his head when he tripped and fell over a chair. And the latest incident involving United Airlines was the one involving the world’s biggest rabbit. Simon died during a flight from unknown causes. His owners are not seeking to obtain money from the company.

Image source: wikimedia

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