Serge Dassault, Pioneer of the French Aviation Industry, Dies Aged 93

On Monday, one of the richest businessmen in France was found dead in his office. Serge Dassault, one of the leaders of the French aviation industry, was 93. He was the CEO and chairman of the Dassault Group, as well as president of honor of Dassault Aviation.

Serge Dassault was a main personality in the French aviation industry

At the beginning of this week, the Dassault family made the news public in their own newspaper. In the conservative Le Figaro, they published a brief article on Serge Dassault and his contributions to the French industry. The man died while he was at work, in the company’s office on Champs Elysees. According to the doctors, he suffered a cardiac event that ended his life.

Serge Dassault is one of the most important men in the industry. He is best known for the development of the Mirage jet fighters that are now a landmark in France. Also, Dassault contributed to the evolution of the French military force and improved the economy of the state by selling planes and fighters to international military forces as well.

The man was also a politician

These efforts brought him great appreciation in France both from politicians and from other industrialists. At the news of his death, the office of President Macron released an official statement to praise the late businessman. He made huge efforts to keep the French industry going and, for this, people will always be grateful.

The founder of the Dassault group was Serge’s father, Marcel. He is another important French personality, as he is one of the survivors at Buchenwald, the Nazi concentration camp. Soon after the company became successful, Dassault the father became a local baron and got mixed into politics.

Serge followed his father’s example and became a conservative during 1980s. Since 2004, Serge Dassault was a senator for the Essonne region, an area south from Paris. His family didn’t reveal any information on the funeral, but they will soon make more announcements.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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