Snapchat Introduces Context Cards for Discovery

Snapchat has decided to introduce to its users a brand-new feature that will have the purpose to help people receive more useful information by changing the experience a bit. Those new Context Cards are a new way of helping people discover more places, make reservations or book an Uber or Lyft.

The main idea behind those Cards is absolutely amazing as it could be the chance Snapchat has been waiting for when it comes to user engagement. If successful, this new feature could even completely transform Snapchat and make it a serious rival for Yelp, especially when it comes to restaurant reviews, reservations and so on and so forth. It’s a different kind of approach, that makes the user stumble upon certain points of interest instead of offering that info only when the user requests it.

Snapchat’s New Context Cards

Those Context Cards will work in a similar manner to the already common marketing campaigns or paid posts. The user will only need to swipe up and they will see more information about that certain topic of interest. Let’s say that someone posted a snap taken in a fancy restaurant that you may want to visit. Just by swiping up you will have access to its location. Moreover, you might even be able to make a reservation. This is the main idea behind this new feature.

Some of Snapchat’s partners for this initiative include, Lyft, Uber, Michelin, TripAdvisor, and many others. Users should know that those cards are not going to be present in absolutely every snap. The company won’t go that far. Instead, you will be able to get extra info on those posts that have been marked with a company’s Geofilter. Also, from those that appear in the Our Story section.

Providing useful info

The Context Cards will appear exactly as their name suggests. They really are cards that you can swipe to get more info about a certain location. If successful, this initiative could prove to be the company’s rescue boat when it comes to revenue and user engagement. This is only the beginning, because the number of partners for this project could grow in the future. All in all, Snapchat has come up with a guide for the real, visual world. This is sure to impress some people.

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