Heineken and Lagunitas Release Sparkling Water Infused with Cannabis for Extreme Sensations

Heineken and its Californian brewery Lagunitas will become the first facilities to ever produce a cannabis-infused drink. The company has just announced the release of Hi-Fi Hops, which is nothing more than sparkling water infused with cannabis. This product contains no alcohol, but it can definitely get you high.

A sparkling water infused with cannabis that gets you high

Starting July 30th, Lagunitas will release the sparkling water infused with cannabis all over California. Even if it has no alcohol, only adults aged 21 or older can buy it. This happens because the product contains 10 mg of THC, the compound in cannabis that gives you the sensation of being high. There is another milder variety as well, with 5 mg THC and 5 mg CDB, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

This isn’t the first time when Heineken and Lagunitas experiment with the cannabis market, but the THC-infused sparkling water is a more daring move. Last year, the company released another drink that contained marijuana products. This beer, called Supercritical, contained terpene oils from the marijuana plant. However, it didn’t get you high, as the oils contain no THC. They only give cannabis its distinctive smell.

This innovative product is currently unique on the cannabis market

There are a few other companies that also released cannabis products in the past but have nothing new to offer to the market. Therefore, Heineken’s move to release the sparkling water infused with cannabis is a true landmark for the company.

When questioned about this innovative product, Heineken admitted Lagunitas had all the initiative for this release. The Dutch company is impressed with the Californian manufacturer’s creativity and will to surpass all boundaries. Lagunitas had all the freedom to experiment, so they came up with this great idea that will definitely bring profit.

The Californian company manufacture the sparkling water infused with cannabis with the help of CannaCraft, a company that makes products with THC content. Also, the providers of cannabis extract are the popular AbsoluteXtracts.

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