Starbucks Introduces First Ever Almond Milk Drink

It seems like the very popular coffee chain Starbucks has decided to introduce a brand-new type of drink. Nothing unusual until now. However, the new Horchata Frappuccino is the first such drink which has almond milk in its original recipe, without the customer having to ask for it. So, from now on, those people who prefer almond milk in their coffee are completely covered by the company. Apart from this essential ingredient, the Frappuccino also contains cinnamon syrup, the much-needed ice and, of course, coffee. Those who want can have whipped cream or caramel syrup on it. Also, people should not become worried that this special drink will disappear after a few weeks. Starbucks introduced it on the menu. So, it doesn’t go anywhere.

The Horchata Frappuccino

It’s noting new that the coffee giant encourages their customers to modify their drinks after their own tastes by adding or removing certain ingredients. However, it’s important to note that this new Frappuccino recipe has almond milk as its base and not as something extra. Long story short, Starbucks doesn’t do it with any other type of milk apart from this one. So, those people who may want to try the new beverage and might not like almond milk so much will simply have to adapt. Experts are considering this addition into the menu a natural step forward for the company. Especially considering the fact that Starbucks already gives people the possibility to modify their drinks after their own taste. The company also has healthy alternatives for those who like other types of milk or don’t tolerate lactose.

It’s worth mentioning that the coffee giant has previously offered the coconut milk alternative to those people who prefer it. This is why they introduced the Iced Cascara Coconut Milk Latte and Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato . 

Starbucks’ struggle

Starbucks has been struggling to come up with new treats in order to keep up with their customers’ taste and with the trend. And this struggle is especially important when it comes to the company’s sales. For example, their Unicorn Frappuccino has boosted the sales enormously because many people posted pictures of it on their social media accounts. Still, this doesn’t mean that every drink receives this treatment. The Iced Cascara Coconut Milk Latte nutrition value is 150 calories.

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