Starbucks Gets Public Backlash Following African-American Male Arrests

Starbucks has recently been involved in what appears to be a racially-motived incident that dented its public image, prompting many Twitter users to join a boycott movement. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon and, according to the authorities, involved two African-American men charged with trespassing.

Starbucks Launched Internal Investigation Following the Incident

According to Police Commissioner Richard Rose Jr., the incident occurred around noon, at a downtown Philadelphia Starbucks.

Based on the testimonies, two African-American men entered the coffee shop and sat down at a table. One of them flagged down a server and asked him if he could use the shop’s restroom. The server declined his request on account that he did not order anything.

Following the discussion, both clients were asked to leave the coffee shop as they were trespassing. When they’ve to comply, the servers called the police who took one of the two men into custody.

The boiling point of this whole incident was when Andrew Yaffe, one of the locale’s clients, intervened and asked the authorities why the two gentlemen were escorted out of the coffee shop.

Although Mr. Yaffe was informed that the two suspects were trespassing, he told the arresting officers that he was supposed to meet the two inside the shop.

This embarrassing episode was recorded by one of the eyewitnesses and upload to Twitter, where it managed to rake up 8 million views in a matter of days. Most commenters are enraged about Starbucks’ blatant racism.

Their opinion is back up by officials, including Benjamin Waxman of Philadelphia’s prosecutor’s office who stated that this incident had a “reprehensible outcome,” tarnishing the good name of Starbucks, who always spearhead the non-discrimination movement.

Ross Jr. declared that both suspects were released later that day as no evidence of a crime could be found. Subsequently, a Starbucks spokesperson announced that the franchise will launch its own investigation.

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