Starbucks Under Fire After Customer Finds Hidden Camera in Bathroom Stall

After the scandal involving the two African-American customers who were wrongfully arrested for trespassing, Starbucks has once again come under fire after a female client claimed to have discovered a camera hidden in a bathroom stall. Based on the police report, the camera contained hundreds of hours of footage and pictures of clients using the restroom facilities.

Starbucks Collaborating with Authorities on Bathroom Hidden Camera Incident

Last week, the Atlanta authorities were summoned to a Starbuck coffee shop after a 25-year-old woman discovered a camera hidden inside a bathroom stall.

According to the 25-year-old woman’s testimony, upon entering the restroom, she saw a circular object affixed to the baby changing station. After retrieving the object, the woman discovered that it was a miniature video camera.

The Starbucks customer told the police that she went straight to the on-duty manager to report the incident.

Interestingly enough, the manager thanked the customer for the info and told her that he would report the incident to upper management. The client insisted on calling the authorities.

After analyzing the hidden camera, the law enforcement agents concluded that the hidden camera was used to record hundreds of hours of footage, including pictures of clients using the restroom.

Howard Miller of the Alpharetta Police Department declared that with this type of incident being ever more frequent, clients should check their surroundings if not at home, and report any usual occurrences to the authorities.

This incident occurred a few weeks after Starbucks faced severe criticism for having two African-American customers arrested for trespassing. The subsequent impact on social media was equally harsh, Twitter and Instagram users joining forces to boycott the company.

Although this might be an isolated incident, the company believes that this might be a sabotage attempt, given how much times has passed since the latest incident.

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