Starbucks Launches Holiday Cups Meant for Coloring

Starbucks has just introduced its new version of the famous winter holiday cups and they are a bit different than what we were used to. They are not so brightly colored, not so red, and are destined for the artistic side in each of us. More precisely, the designs on them are meant for coloring. Maybe this time they will not attract so much controversy.

This year’s holiday cup is almost completely white with the famous green Starbucks siren logo on it. However, surrounding it are black line designs that look like drawings and contours. They all display winter holidays moments and have a splash of red, just to remind you of Christmas. The idea is for customers to color their cups according to their wish. Some might call it a canvas which people can personalize and make it more appealing to them. Everyone has their own view of Christmas, and this is exactly what Starbucks wants to accentuate.

The new winter holidays Starbucks cups

This year’s cup celebrates 20 years of Starbucks seasons cups. The cups display the various ways in which people from all over the world celebrate the winter holidays. Back in 2015, Starbucks chose a simple red cup in which the color deepened towards the bottom and didn’t have any Christmas motifs on it. People weren’t happy, and it seems like this time, Starbucks has returned to the more Christmas-oriented designs.

The company’s idea might have come from the famous “#whitecupcontest” in which people draw their own designs on the cups and poste them with this hashtag. Moreover, this year’s theme for the holiday campaign is “Give Good” which is also featured on the cups.

Also, the cups will be introduced starting today and customers will find creative tools in stores to use for their designs. Also, this marks the return of many holiday-themed drinks like Peppermint Mocha or Gingerbread Latte.

Image source: hexjam


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