Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Talks About the Impacts Climate Change Has on Coffee

Last year, Howard Schultz left his position as Starbucks CEO but still remained engaged in the coffee industry. In a recent interview, he made a few statements meant to raise everyone’s awareness on the most serious environmental problem of the moment. He discussed climate change and explained how the phenomenon might affect coffee production.

Climate change is a huge threat for the coffee industry

For this interview, Schultz agreed to talk about Starbucks and the toughest aspects of the coffee industry. The most serious challenges won’t be economic, but actually environmental. The former CEO explained how climate change has gradually become a threat for this field.

All these changes in the environment have a great influence on the quality and growing conditions for coffee. The temperatures are getting higher and the sea level is increasing, affecting coffee plantations everywhere. Also, since it’s more difficult to grow these plants, coffee will get more expensive. In other words, the environmental difficulties will lead to economic ones.

Schultz wants everyone’s help to fight against climate change

Schultz is well aware of the effects of climate change on coffee. During the interview, he talked about one of the Starbucks coffee farms located in Costa Rica. However, apart from growing the beans, this farm also serves as a research center for the company. This way, they could explore the effects of climate change on the coffee plant.

The results aren’t too good, which should work as a warning for everyone. Therefore, Schultz decided to let everyone know of these effects, even if they don’t work for Starbucks. Everyone needs to intervene if they want to help the industry overcome these difficulties, so this is a call for unity.

Schultz abandoned the CEO position last year, but still remained the chairman of the company. At the beginning of this month, he announced he would lead this position as well. However, he was one of the most important men in Starbucks, so he was now awarded the chairman emeritus title.

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