Subway Stores to Have a New Design

It seems like one of the most important fast food chains in the entire world will soon change the design of tens of thousands of its stores. On July 17, Subway made the official announcement that a big part of its over 40,000 stores will receive a complete makeover. Trevor Haynes, vice president of operations at the fast food chain said that the new look is more modern than before and it will allow clients to make their own choices. From now on, they will be the ones to choose how they would like to order and how and where they would like to eat their food.

Subway is getting redesigned

According to some reports, an important part of these new designs will be the possibility for the clients to order their own food and pay for it using Apple or Samsung Pay. A new seating area will also receive the clients and they will have access to free Wi-fi and charging ports, a much-needed addition to have in a restaurant. Moreover, apart from these changes, from now on, the stores will focus more on the fresh food and vegetables. For example, onions, tomatoes, peppers or other vegetables will be on display for the clients to see. If they would like to add some to their meal, the Subway workers will cut them and compose the sandwich right in front of them.

The Subway menu will also receive some alterations like the addition of various sauces, the very popular pickles and even gluten-free bread. According to the company, this is a new step towards a highly-anticipated evolution of the fast food chain. Also part of this revolution was last year’s change of logo, which took place after over ten years.


These changes might be the company’s way to trying to get over a not very successful 2016. For example, last year, the chain closed a lot of stores and didn’t open as many. Twelve locations will reportedly receive this makeover, for now. In the United States, those will include Texas, Washington and California. Outside the country, stores in Canada and one in the United Kingdom will receive those changes. According to the company, those changes will eventually roll out in all locations belonging to Subway.

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