Subway Will Be Suing A Broadcaster Over “The Chicken Scandal”

Bob Grewal Subway Supervisor
Earlier this week, Subway announced that it will be seeking legal action against the CBC.

Earlier this week, Subway announced that it will be seeking legal action against the CBC. This decision is based on the broadcaster’s reactions in the “chicken scandal”.

Subway, CBC, And The ‘Chicken Scandal’

Last month CBC or the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. aired a segment about Subway. More exactly, this was presented as an investigation piece. It targeted the restaurant’s chicken products and declared that a team of researchers ran DNA tests on it.

According to the CBC, the results showed that the “chicken may mostly soy”. More exactly, the segment reported that such products contain just about 50 percent poultry. The quantity difference is reportedly composed of soybeans. Following the CBC broadcast, news and reports on the matter flooded the media.

Now, Subway decided to retaliate. The fast-food chain was quick to deny the claims. At the time, the company stated that its products were based on the “high quality of our chicken”. Following the media report, the company went to investigate its local facilities.

As it did so, it also tested its chicken products tested in the respective locations. According to the fast-food chain, these presented just “trace amounts” of soy. Or more exactly, some led than 1 percent. This is all according to Subway’s claims following the CBC story.

Bob Grewal (Subway Supervisor in Canada) Worried About the Company Image

Details on the matter were offered by Bob Grewal, Subway’s Canada supervisor in the area. He stated that the company needed to investigate itself and make sure. He also expressed his worry as to the effect of the scandal on the company’s image, profits, and momentum.

Subway’s Reasons For Filing A Lawsuit

According to the fast-food chain, they have been trying to collaborate with the broadcaster. More exactly, Subway requested CBC to withdraw its ‘chicken scandal’ claims and issue an apology. Also, it was looking to share facts with the media company, ones about its chicken quality and their strong objection to the claim.

However, CBC reportedly denied their request for details and also did not retract its story. This is all according to a statement released by Subway on March 16th.

“Serving high-quality food to our customers is our top priority, and we are committed to seeing that this factually incorrect report is corrected.”

As such, the restaurant chain decided to take things one step further and file a lawsuit. According to its report, the company is asking for $210 million in damages. It does so as it stated that soy-filler allegations are “defamatory and absolutely false”.

CBC issued a statement of itself following the release of the news. The Canadian broadcaster claims that it believes its journalism “to be sound”. Furthermore, it claims that the offered evidence did not determine a position change and that it will maintain its affirmations.

Presently, the CBC confirmed that it has been notified about Subway’s lawsuit. However, the network reportedly has yet to receive the filing. As such, they will respond to it “if and when” they receive the suit.

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