McDonald’s To Bring Back the Szechuan Sauce Following Rick and Morty Nation-Wide Craze

Rick's Szechuan Sauce craving.
McDonald’s has decided to reintroduce a limited amount of Szechuan sauce, following Rick and Morty show.

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, the company has decided to reintroduce the Szechuan sauce in various locations across the United States. Customers will receive the sauce based on the total of their purchases. The Szechuan sauce was discontinued in 1998.

Adult Cartoon Rick and Morty Prompts McDonald’s to Reintroduce Szechuan Sauce

The Szechuan sauce was first introduced by the Illinois-based company back in 1998, as part of a larger marketing campaign involving kids’ animated film Mulan. Sadly, McDonald’s has decided to discontinue producing the sauce, much to the discontent of its customer, and for the past 20 years, almost all forgot about the sauce.

McDonald’s decision of reintroducing the famed Szechuan sauce after a 20-year hiatus is mostly due to the popular adult cartoon Rick and Morty. Ever since hearing Rick’s obsessive Szechuan sauce mantra, fans have pressed the restaurant into bringing back the product.

Note that this is not the first time McDonald’s a has tried to bring back to life the sauce. Last October, the restaurant announced that a limited number of Szechuan sauce was available in restaurants across the country.

The whole marketing experiment could have easily turned into a disaster, as the customers were near staging a full-fledged rebellion after learning that the restaurant quickly ran out of Szechuan sauce.

However, it would appear that McDonald’s has learned its lesson, a company representative announcing via an email that the sauce will become available in every McDonald’s diner, starting on Monday, at lunch.

However, only those customers who spent a specific amount will receive the magical sauce, sum to be established by each restaurant.

So, if you’re a fan of the series and of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, you should head to the nearest restaurant as soon as possible.

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