Target Hiring a Lot More People for Holidays

It seems like the discount chain Target doesn’t want to risk anything going wrong for this year’s holidays. This is why it’s reportedly hiring a lot more people for this occasion than in previous years. According to what the company announced on Wednesday, 100,000 workers are going to have a job at Target in the months of November and December. In comparison, last year, Target only hired 70,000 workers for the same reason and in the same period of intensive shopping. The reason for this increase could be the larger number of in-store staff at the about 1,800 locations Target has all over the country.

Target doesn’t joke around

Things are looking good for the company, at least according to what it said last month about a very strong third quarter. Its online shopping business is also apparently going great, having seen a 32% growth. The good news came after some very weak four quarters, which also affected last year’s holiday shopping season. So, it seems that Target wants to make sure that such a thing would never happen again. At the beginning of the year, the company also promised to spend about 7$ billion to remodel certain stores, to open some new, small ones, and to make the e-commerce part of the business stronger.

As recently as last week, it promised to cut prices on certain products, thousands of them. This may come as an obligation after its rivals, Walmart and Amazon, did the same thing to attract more clients. This idea to hire 100,000 workers for the holidays has the purpose, the company says, to make it much easier to shop at Target, especially during those busy winter holidays. Many of those new attributions will have to do with online orders. More precisely, with packing and shipping those.

Preparing for the winter holidays

The store area will now also have more workers who will help customers with the online orders they will receive there. As for the distribution centers, last year, Target only hired about 7,500 workers. This year, it only hired 4,500, a much smaller number. Back in February, when the company explained its plans for the future, it made it clear as day that it knew profit was going to fall a bit. Target will begin hiring people from October 13 until October 15.

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