Tesla Motors Cannot Sell Vehicles In The State Of Michigan

Tesla has been trying in recent years to obtain a dealer license in Michigan, that would enable the company to sell its vehicles. However, the state has repeatedly denied Tesla’s application, so the widely-popular car manufacturer can’t make direct sales to potential customers.

Although the company officials have to deal with many obstacles, they will continue their efforts to ensure that Michigan citizens will be able to buy a new car without having to go to another city. The new Tesla Somerset mall opening will be in a Nordstrom store in Troy.

Tesla Motors operates the Michigan Gallery, and according to a company’s spokesperson, this method is perfectly legal because the Gallery’s representatives will not discuss pricing, while potential customers won’t be able to buy vehicles there either.

Instead, they can find out anything related to the cars’ features and which is the closest location from which they can buy one. Also, there is a sign at the entrance of the showroom stating that visitors can’t buy vehicles at the Gallery.

In addition, the sign guides prospective buyers to the Tesla’s official website, and it offers comprehensive contact info for Tesla dealers in Cleveland. There are many other showrooms across the country but compared to the Michigan Gallery, some of them have a dealer license, meaning that they can sell cars.

It is worth mentioning that the Nordstrom showroom features just the Tesla Model X because the location is quite small. The Gallery shares the space with phone cases, purses, and other accessories.

Although it might sound surprising, there are two additional showrooms just like this one in California and North Carolina. Despite the fact that the Nordstrom stores are small, the Galleries feature the same equipment as any other large Tesla showroom, including a screen with every detail about the line-up, colors, and other specifications.

Tesla wants Michigan residents to have easier access to electric cars. Therefore, the company sued Governor Rick Snyder, the attorney general, and the secretary of state after the latest denial of a dealer license application.

Also, Tesla owners in Michigan agreed to allow prospective buyers to test their personal cars. This way, they wouldn’t have to go to the company’s dealers in Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois.

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