Tesla Car on Autopilot Smashes Into Fire Truck in California

Tesla car crashA Tesla car set on Autopilot mode and cruising at 65 mph rammed into the back of a fire truck parked on the emergency lane on a California freeway. The driver was unharmed, but several agencies started a probe into the incident.

The car crash involved a Tesla model S and happened on Monday morning. The National Transportation Safety Board deployed two investigators to the crash scene Wednesday. The board is interested in the vehicle’s performance and the driver’s actions, according to Bloomberg.

Culver City firefighters said their truck was impacted around 8:30 a.m. while stationary on Interstate 405. The driver said the Tesla car was traveling in Autopilot mode. The Culver City Fire Department confirmed that the fire truck was damaged by a Tesla car but could not confirm if it was on Autopilot.

Fire Dept Says It was a ‘Big Hit’

The fire truck was parked near the scene of another car crash. A CHP car was parked to its side with emergency lights on. The Tesla was severely damaged while the truck needs a body work. The fire department said that it was a good thing that all firefighters were at the site of the previous car crash instead of the rear of the fire truck.

It was a pretty big hit,

a spokesperson for the fire department said.

It is unclear if the Tesla slowed down before the impact. Because the impact was great, the driver was advised to be taken to a nearby hospital. He refused. Medics at the scene said he was not injured.

After the latest crash, Tesla said that the Autopilot feature is designed to work with a fully attentive driver behind the wheel. The manual of the Tesla model S also warns about not taking eyes off the road while the care is in semi-autonomous driving.
Image Source: Wikimedia

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