Tesla to Build Charging Stations with Food and Coffee

Elon Musk’s Tesla has an ambitious plan of expanding its Supercharger network. However, apart from those, the billionaire entrepreneur also wants to build some more advanced charging stations. The “Mega Superchargers”, as Musk called them, will be some very big locations that will offer customers a large area of advantages. From restrooms to food and coffee. Musk said that he wants to make those Megachargers places where people can relax for a bit while also recharging their vehicles.

Why simply wait by the charger while your car fills up? Tesla will now put various activities at your disposal. It’s also worth noting that the idea about those Superchargers does not come out of the blue. Currently, people can find them all over the United States, along with other countries. They are the fastest and most common way of recharging your Tesla vehicle.


However, the charging stalls are not always many, and waiting in line can quickly become a burden. Even is some of them are located near other places where you can spend your time while the car refills with energy, this is not always the case. Hence the idea about the Megachargers. It’s also worth noting that more and more Tesla vehicles will be hitting roads in the coming months and years. For example, the Model 3 Sedans of which Tesla already has 500,000 pre-orders.

So, in order to keep up with the growing number of electric vehicles, more Superchargers will be needed. And why not make going to recharge your car a more fun and relaxing experience? As for those upcoming Megacharger stores, if successful, they might even open up more possibilities for the company. What if tesla partnered up with Starbucks or Amazon to deliver various necessities to the customers? Among those being good coffee, of course.

Opening up more opportunities

However, as fun as it may sound, Musk would probably never associate the Tesla brand with any other one. He wants to control the company entirely, and not having control over various parts of his business would drive him crazy. As for making its own coffee brand, it could work. Just imagine the endless possibilities for names. All in all, we will see if those Megachargers will come to life and how they will serve clients.

Image source: wikimedia



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