Tesla Helping Drivers Get Away from Hurricane Irma

It seems like many companies have united in their effort to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. One of those companies is Elon Musk’s Tesla. It seems that thanks to a new software update, certain Model S and Model X vehicles are now going to have a bigger battery life. This will help drivers get away from the hurricane’s path. So, the cars which previously had 60kwh battery, will not have 75kwh battery. Some might wonder how is this possible. Well, both of those models initially had a 75kwh capacity before Tesla removed them from the lineup this year and decreased their battery capacity to 60kwh.

Fleeing faster from the hurricane

Reports are saying that the newly-unlocked battery capacity is going to grant about 30 more miles of driving. While this is not a huge distance, in a life and death situation, it could be exactly what someone running from the hurricane needs. It’s interesting that the company hasn’t announced this important change officially. At first, only a few people who own a Tesla vehicle noticed it and posted their discovery on Reddit. Some other owners have said that the company will keep this upgrade going until September 16. However, until now, Tesla hasn’t commented on the upgrade or any other details regarding it.

While some people have correctly assumed that this is nothing else but a clever PR move from the part of Tesla, one cannot admit that this minor change could indeed help lots of people affected by the hurricane. However, the fact that Tesla thought about this points to a worrying fact which many people have talked about. During a large natural disaster, electric cars drivers could face serious issues. Without infrastructure, chargers could become increasingly crowded or could even become offline. This situation would leave lots of drivers without a means of transportation.

Tesla helping their customers

However, it seems that, especially after this enormous hurricane, that drivers who use gasoline are not in a much better position either. Many have said that many evacuation areas are experiencing fuel shortages. So, it seems like in times of need, there is no better solution than the other one. When disaster strikes, it can all come down to who’s luckier or more inspired.

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