Tesla Struggling to Build the Model 3 Sedans

Tesla is in a very bizarre position right now. On one side, the famous automaker is on its way to selling about 100,000 vehicles in only one year, a complete premiere in its 14-year history. However, there is also some bad news in sight. The company is reportedly extremely behind with the new Model 3 sedan production. For those who are no familiar with this new vehicle, it’s the one that should finally bring Tesla’s electric cars into the mainstream while putting an end to the cars that are still powered by gas.

The situation is actually very bad for Elon Musk’s company. After saying that it would surely produce 1,5000 vehicles by September this year, Tesla has managed to only produce less than 300 since the car’s launch, back in July. Moreover, reaching a monthly production of 20,000 cars by December seems like a fantasy now. A fantasy is also Musk’s plan to produce 500,000 cars per year by the end of next year.  

A desperate situation

Those numbers are not only spelling bad news for Tesla, but it means that the half a million pre-orders for the Model 3 sedan are surely not going to be fulfilled over the next few years. However, even with all this trouble in sight, it seems like markets are not really affected. Tesla still fascinates people and has that charm, and its stock is still 65% this year. Still, this doesn’t mean that the fact that Tesla is not capable of manufacturing cars is good. On the contrary, for a company that has been around for so many years, it’s kind of disappointing.

But should we worry about the company and those numbers? History tells us not to. Over the years, Tesla has been overpromising things to its customers. And it has always under-delivered. But at this point it’s perfectly normal for customers to forgive the company. And it’s not like this is one of those overly normal, overly boring companies. Tesla has made a name for being different, and people love it like this.

Customers will forgive Tesla

Also, this long time that Tesla has taken to produce the Model 3 sedans might only mean that the company wants to do a good job. Also, the Model 3 is a completely new production that takes time and patience to come to life. So, if something extraordinary will come out of it, why rush it?

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