Tesla Probed by NTSB after Model S Fire Kills Two Fort Lauderdale Teens

Tesla is at the center of a scandal stemming from the death of two teens from Fort Lauderdale. The National Transportation Safety Board has announced on Tuesday that four investigators have been dispatched to analyze the smoldering remains of a 2014 Tesla Model S that caught fire, killing two people in the process.

Has the NTSB Reached a Conclusion in the Tuesday Accident?

According to the preliminary report, on Tuesday night, an 18-year-old man speeding in a 2014 Tesla Model S lost control of the vehicle.

The automobile collided with a brick wall, making the battery explode.

At the time of the collision, two Fort Lauderdale students were walking near the wall which fell on them.

The car’s driver sustained life-threatening injuries after being ejected from the car’s seat.

Regrettably, the two teens trapped beneath the collapsed wall were declared dead at the scene.

The authorities established that the vehicle’s autopilot was switched off during the accident and that speeding is more like the culprit in this case.

However, the National Transportation Safety Board decided to launch an inquiry, after the law enforcement officials confirmed that the fire originated from the vehicle’s battery.

For the moment, the agency refused to disclose information pertaining to the battery fire. Tesla made no comments about the incident.

Instead, a company’s spokesperson declared that the company has yet to obtain and access the vehicle’s log to determine how the battery ignited.


Although investors fear that the latest accident might give the company a black eye in terms of sales, the NTSB declared that such incidents are not uncommon.

According to the agency, over 100 people die each year on US roads due to batteries on fire.

The Tesla Model S driven by the 18-year-old man was battery-powered, according to the official police report.

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