Texas Company to Build Entire Living Community with 3D Printed Homes

A Texas-based company has recently announced that it has constructed the first 3D printed homes. Hailed as a breakthrough in affordable housing, the advanced printing technique can put together a fully functional house in less than 24 hours at the jaw-dropping price of $4,000.

3D Printed Homes Company to Target Poverty-Stricken Countries

ICON, a tech, and construction company from Texas has unveiled during the recent Interactive Festival hosted in Austin, its ingenious way to solve the world affordable homes dilemma.

With the help of its proprietary massive 3D printer named Vulcan, the company is able to construct a fully functional home in under 24 hours. The house, which is entirely printed out, will include a bathroom, living room, one bedroom, and a study. To make the house even more eye-pleasing, ICON has also added a porch that circles the house.

During the Interactive Festival, ICON also back up its claims that such a house can be constructed in less than a day by putting together a house right there on the site.

With this project, ICON aims to target poverty-stricken countries, where constructing new homes is near to impossible. A ready-built home has been estimated to cost around $4,000. With wiring, water, Internet, the price isn’t expected to rise over $10,000.


For this project, the Texas-based company has teamed up with New Story, a non-profit company based in California which, for the past three years, has been constructing low-cost homes in countries such as Haiti, Mexico, and Bolivia.

Up till now, New Story has managed to erect over 1,500 new homes. After joining forces with ICON, New Story plans to take the project to El Salvador. According to a company spokesperson, with ICON’s 3D printed home, New Story intends to construct a fully-functional community by the end of 2019. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of 2018.

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