NY Lawmakers to Address the Tide Pod Challenge Controversy

Tide Pot Challenge.
New York lawmakers to proposes clearer labeling and individual packaging for Tide Pod manufacturer.

In an attempt to stem last year’s tide of detergent poisoning, New York lawmakers intend to change packaging legislature. According to the project’s outline, should the new law come into effect, Procter & Gamble will be required to wrap each packet individually and to change the color design of the pods, as to make them less appetizing to children and teenagers.

Tide Pod Challenge Sends Over 100 Teens and Kids to the Emergency Room

An official estimate reveals that at the beginning of January, approximately 142 children and teenagers have been admitted to the emergency room after eating, drinking or cooking the colorful liquid detergent capsules as part of the Tide Pod Challenge.

Although Procter & Gamble sales have not been affected by the recent wave of detergent poisoning, the company is announcing a $2 billion per year revenue, NY lawmakers are considering changing the legislature pertaining to packaging and pod design.

Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, both part of the new project and New York City Democrats, have written a letter to the company’s representatives, asking them to take the necessary steps before the law project is approved.

According to the new legislative initiative, Procter & Gamble will be required to wrap each detergent pod individually in child-proof bags. Subsequently, the pods’ color palette should also be altered in order to make the capsules less enticing to children and teenagers.

During a public conference, a Procter & Gamble spokesperson declared that the NY lawmakers’ initiative has a negligible impact on the product’s overall safety. Moreover, the representative declared that Tide is also available in all-white and powder form.

Meanwhile, the New York lawmakers are making lobby with safer containers in order to prevent the regrettable aftermaths of the so-called Tide Pod Challenge.

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